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Who doesn’t love the television show Scrubs?  Well, how about the XXX version?  Here it is for your viewing pleasure— Scrubs: A XXX Parody.  Don’t deny it, you dream of playing doctor—telling your hot patient that you have to take her temperature with your 100% beef thermometer!  Hey, it gives the most accurate reading!  It is a common fantasy.  Make sure your patient has enough fluids!  Nothing worse that dehydration.   In Scrubs: A XXX Parody the medical interns have never had it so…hard!!!  Over worked and under-fucked this pussy and cock hungry medical interns are look for some sexual healing! Hurry looks like a healthy dose of Penis-illin must be in order!  

DJ (more like BJ) reminisces about his days in college and how things were good back then—pussy galore!  Currently the janitor at “Naked Heart Hospitala” gets more action than he does!  DJ wants to turn things around—from pussy to ass—and cums up with an amazing plan!  Everybody is going to be having more sex! 

All of the porn stars you cum to recognize are in this fabulous parody—James Deen stars as DJ, and our favorite Ashlynn Brook as Ellie, Shane D. as Dirk, Thea Marie is Maria, Tori Black plays Jordana, Jack Lawrence stars as Barry, Ralph Long as the janitor, and don’t forget the feature presentation of ass from Alexis Texas as a Med School Student!

Next time you go to the doctor you will be fantasizing about XXX-Rays, maybe a cum shot (no flu shots here), how about just a good ole’ physical?   Scrubs: A XXX Parody is a must see!  View it today!

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